Beauty care is based on three pillars. The first pillar is Roopam – outer beauty. Outer beauty has different levels, but we are referring to that outer beauty which we see in day-to-day life – outer skin, glow, lustre. The second pillar is inner beauty, Gunam- which reflects personality from inside. No matter what kind of face you have, what kind of skin you have: the glow, the lustre, the radiance, the aura will come from inside. Both support the third pillar, which is Vayastyag or lasting beauty. Vayastyag offers a complete description of lasting beauty, how to look younger than your chronological age, how to reverse aging, how to slow aging. Then again, there is psychological aging, biological aging and social aging. The whole concept of spa treatments is to give people a sanctuary for a day or week where they can truly destress, benefit from what is put on them, and in combination find a place from within which is sheer heaven. OmVeda Ayurvedic Spa & Beauty treatments can provide this as they are more than just a treatment – it is a total experience.

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