Ayurvedic Beauty

OmVeda products are formulated to traditional ayurvedic guidelines. Our products are made from pure organically grown herbs, flowers, bark, leaves, naturally occurring minerals, and oils from seed, fruit or nuts. Ayurveda is the ancient knowledge of health, born in India. It literally means “science of life”. The significance of ayurveda is its holistic approach.

The strength lies in its natural cures. It is the oldest active recorded system of natural healing and is  a part of Vedic Science. Nature has provided us with herbs that are cooling, stimulating, nourishing, moisturising, heating, antiseptic, germicidal, antiviral etc. OmVeda formulate their products specifically to help balance the skin and scalp, by feeding the tissues with the qualities of the herbs required.

The skin (includes the scalp) is the largest organ of the body and absorbs what is put on it. So what is applied on your skin should be good enough to be taken internally. All the herbs used in OmVeda products are also prescribed by ayurvedic doctors as  internal medicine. OmVeda means “universal knowledge”, and it is this knowledge that has guided us to bring these wonderful products to you.

The basic steps in ayurveda is to determine one’s  constitution or dosha. The doshas are the three forces that govern all biological processes. The aim is to balance the dosha to create harmonious balance in the physiology of the individual.

The environment affects us greatly whether it is change in work, home, country, food, travel or circumstances in life. Your skin and hair are good indicators of this state. Natural beauty is a balance between the outer and the inner. OmVeda offers you an unique opportunity to balance from outside in.

To analyse your dosha please go to Dosha Analysis Calculator.