Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to all countries?
Yes, we ship products worldwide, the cost of freight for your country will be automatically calculated at the check out.

What is the cost of products in my currency?
We have a currency calculator which will give you an indication of the value of products in the currency of your country. All costs on the website are in Australian Dollars.

What if I do not have a credit card?
If you live in Australia, please print the order form and send the total of your order by cheque or money order to OmVeda International Pty. Ltd, Sales Department, P.O. Box 248, Rozelle, NSW 2039. Alternatively you can telephone or email and ask us to send you an order form by post. Please make sure you give us your name, address, telephone number, email address. If you are sending an order form with payment, please make sure you give us all your contact details, delivery address and the products you want to order. We will not be responsible for any errors if relevant information is not sent to us. If you are living outside Australia you will need to use a credit card.

What if I have a reaction to the products?
If you are hypersensitive or are on medication that has caused sensitivity, please only order one product to try. We do not refund, replace or exchange products. OmVeda products are pure and natural, and whilst it is rare, it is possible that you may be allergic to a particular herb or ingredient. If this occurs discontinue use.

Can you give me a full list of ingredients?
The ingredient listing is on each product window. We use INCI/botanical names to standardise each ingredient internationally. If you are not sure please do a search or send us an email.

Why do you use botanical names on your ingredients listing?
We use botanical names because that gives you the exact ingredient and not a synonym eg there are many varieties of lemon. So it is important to know which species of lemon we are using in a particular formulation.

Why are the creams thick?
The creams are thick because there is no water (aqua) in them. The base of the creams and lotions is beeswax (cera alba) and oil. The trick is to dot your face with an little cream, wet your fingers with water and massage the cream into your skin. If your skin is very dry, apply directly as your skin will love the richness of the cream. For a more luxurious experience use OmVeda Rose Toner, spray on your face, and massage cream into your skin.

Can I use your Hair products if I have dyed my hair?
Yes, you can. In fact using the OmVeda hair care products which are herbal based will help to maintain the condition of your hair naturally.

Do you have samples?
We do not have FREE samples, and will not send free samples. If you are keen to try our products we would suggest you buy one product, try it to see if it suits yur skin.

What is the SPF factor in your protective bases?
We do not have SPF levels in our protective bases and they are not sun blocks. The way they work is by helping to calm the skin with cooling herbs like sandalwood and there is a small amount of Zinc in the base which help to reflect UV rays. It will work effectively for everyday use with proper sun protection like wearing a hat and sun galsses, but should not be used purely to block the sun.

How long will it take to receive my products?
We express post all parcel both in Australia and post by Air Mail outisde Australia. Within Australia you should get your products within 3 working days. If you place your order before 12 noon EST, it will be posted in the afternoon and if you are within a next day Australia post delivery area, you will receive next day. Overseas – please allow 7-10 working days.

Can you get rid of pigmentation?
Pigmentation like cellulite is dependent on how long it has been there, family history and causative factors. In most cases you can lighten pigmentation with a combination of both salon herbal treatments and take home products. It requires diligence and patience to reduce pigmentation naturally and you should allow at least three months to see if the products are working for you.

How long will it take to see results?
We always recommend you allow three months.

I have psoriasis can you help?
Many of our products will help in calming psoriasis, but cure has to be both internal and external.