OmVeda Packaging

OmVeda offers an extensive range of retail products. All are packaged in recyclable materials and glass is used wherever possible. We have chosen a natural glass with clear labels to ensure that the colours of each product are highly visible, so that you know exactly what is in the jar/bottle. Our outer boxes are hexagonal and designed to interlock. They are also colour-coded to represent the qualities of Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. The strategy behind these concepts is to illustrate the interlocking energies of the three main Ayurvedic body types: blue represents Air and Ether (Vata); red represents Fire and Water (Pitta); and green represents Earth and Water (Kapha).

We use recyclable materials – HDPE, PET, GLASS. This is part of our philosophy and support and acknowledge the need to keep our environment safe.

The pattern on the boxes represents the intricate designs seen on the Taj Mahal, while the OmVeda logo is inspired by three jasmine flowers united by one petal, reaching outwards with an ever-abounding energy that touches every being.

OmVeda presents over 50 products for the face, body and hair. Its unique formulations ensure healthy and beautiful skin, glossy shiny hair, and a sense of well-being.