OmVeda Signature Treatments

Prescriptive, yet stimulating the senses on every level, the OmVeda rituals and therapies are based on the premise that all energies within our universe interact with each other through the elements of air, ether, fire, and water. The dominant elemental energy of plants have the ability to directly heal and balance our skin. e.g. some plants induce heat, some cool, some dry and others produce moisture.

The customized beauty offerings are an Ayurvedic adventure that embrace the nurturing power of nature at its absolute best for a luxurious, pampering and healing experience. Purely positive for the skin, the OmVeda Signature rituals are organic treats for face and body to help restore vitality and rejuvenate on every level.

They include such Signature gems for the face as the Om Chandni (Pure Silver) and Om Sona (24 K Gold) Rituals. The Om Sona calls on the precious properties of 24 carat gold leaf to restore radiance to ageing skins. Just one and your skin will be positively glowing, after four the skin will be softer, smoother and clearer than you can ever remember! It combines organic herbs and pure 24 carat gold leaf that melts into the skin to leave it with an imperceptible golden glow, a new found brilliance and intensely hydrated.

Rescuing and calming stressed out skins, the Om Chandni blends the cooling and rejuvenating properties of pure silver to calm and soothe the most sensitive of complexions while giving the skin a nourishing boost. The healing and rejuvenating properties of pure silver leaves the skin unbelievably calm, smooth, soft and silken with an even tone.

If the aim is to be a goddess (even for just a day), we recommend the Om Mango Thermo Herbal Ritual. This 90 minute facial known for its line softening and hydrating results acts as an instant face lifter! Laced with the organic goodness of herbs and exotic mango enhanced with pranic ingredients deliciously fresh, its more like a ritual than a facial. A custom blend of three richly divine masks ~ OmVeda Skin Rejuvenator, OmVeda Mango Mask and OmVeda ThermoHerbal. The OmVeda Marma point signature facial massage releases any last traces of stress. The treatment delivers immediate results in skin tone, texture and clarity while reducing lines and wrinkling, relieving dryness and nourishing deep down for a line free newness and skin freshness.

For a body beautiful, the OmVeda Body Rejuvenator is a complete mind, body and spirit reviver. Timeless in its skin refining benefits, it is absolute in body therapy and combines an uplifting massage, exfoliation and wrap that helps the skin regain its vitality, stimulates circulation and increases blood supply with improved skin quality and texture, the gradual disappearance of the orange peel effect and the elimination of toxins and wastes. It revitalises dry surface skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.

Rich in culture and tradition, the OmVeda spa rituals for face, body and hair incorporate herbology, topical treatment and massage true to ancient Ayurvedic teachings that offers all the benefits of this exceptional healing system. The OmVeda team comprises BAMS ayurvedic doctors, cosmeticians and technicians who together blend vedic tradition into modern skin, hair and body care.

A spiritual and cultural symbol, the OmVeda concept of beauty and health surpasses all trends and is suitable for all ages. Massage forms a major part of the OmVeda Signature Rituals. A Marma is an energy point and the body comprises 107 major Marma Points of which seven (7) are the chakras. The OmVeda Signature Marma Point Massage is fundamental to releasing these blockages. The OmVeda Signature Massage is not merely a deeply relaxing and calming experience but also offers other health benefits such as the alleviation and prevention of aging, health problems and stress.