Our philosophy has been very simple from the very beginning “if you cannot eat it , do not put on your skin” This has been the OmVeda motto since 1997. What is put on the skin should be filled with nourishment, naturally occurring vitamins and minerals safe enough to be taken internally.” Omveda Ayurvedic beauty and skin care products are manufactured to adhere to this principal. There are many ways to keep the body in balance. The one that is ignored the most is the skin. It is the largest organ of the body, and it is one place that we do not give much thought to from the point of view of what goes on it. People are generally so very careful about what they eat and drink – organic food, vitamins and minerals. OmVeda ingredients are organically grown, and picked in the right season for maximum potency and effectiveness in skin care.

All OmVeda products are made to strict Ayurvedic guidelines using herbs that are picked and grown to maximise potency and effectiveness. Our team comprises Ayurvedic doctor and Ayurvedic cosmeticians. The products are  ISO certified, eco friendly, and NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS

All OmVeda products are ISO and GMP certified, not tested on animals, no animal ingredients, and have medicinal properties, made to traditional Ayurvedic formulations.

The name, OmVeda, translates to universal knowledge and is a unique celebration of culture. The range offers multi-dimensional results, formulated from ancient vedic texts and tested over 5,000 years to help balance, care and restore health and well being. It is a unique combination of tradition, deeply embedded history and knowledge that out-spans any other skin, hair and body care system.