Dosha Analyser

The aim of this analysis is to determine your current dosha, known as ‘Vikruti’. You may find that any one question may require you to respond under two doshas. In this instance click both. In the skin and hair part of the questionnaire, only respond to the questions if they apply to you, otherwise move on to the next question.

Your constitutional dosha or Prakruti is best determined by an Ayurvedic Doctor who is fully qualified and can conduct a proper pulse diagnosis.

Physical Traits Vata Pitta Kapha
Body Frame thin medium large
Finger Nails thin/cracking pink/soft/medium thick/wide/white
Weight low or bony medium/muscular gains easily
Stool/bowel movement small/hard/gas loose/burning moderate/solid
Forehead Size small medium large
Appetite variable Strong/sharp constant/low
Eyes small/unsteady reddish/focused wide/white
Voice low or weak high or sharp slow or silent
Lips “cracking, thin, dry” medium or soft large or smooth
Speech quick or talkative moderate or argues deep or tonal
Weather- what bothers you cold and dry heat and sun cold and damp
Sleep Patterns light moderate deep/heavy
Which do you like best travel or nature sports or politics water or flowers
Mental Traits Vata Pitta Kapha
Temperament nervous or fearful irritable or impatient easy going
Memory “quickly grasps, but forgets” sharp or clear “slow to learn, never forgets”
Faith radical or changing leader or goal oriented loyal or constant
Dreams flying or anxious fighting or in colour few or romantic
Emotions enthusiastic or worries warm or angry calm or attached
Mind quick or adaptable penetrating or critical slow or lethargic
Skin Vata Pitta Kapha
Lack of tone or lustre “Rashes, inflammation, itching” “Dull, sluggish, congested”
Rough Patches Oily T-zone Enlarged pores
Chapping and cracking Premature wrinkling Blackheads
“Dry rashes, corns and callouses” “Yellow, pustular acne” Large pustules
Dry Eczema Blackheads Cystic formations
General Dryness General Excessive oiliness “Thick, oily secretions”
Dandruff/ dry scalp Discolouration of natural pigmentation Oily Scalp
Hair Vata Pitta Kapha
Dry and Dull Oily Thick
Frizzy Balding Glossy
Scaliness Excessive Hair Loss Shiny
Split Ends Thinning Grows easily