Omveda Treatments

Om Veda Ayurvedic Facials

Mango Moisturising

A richly Moisturising Treatment combining an exotic combination of herbs custom blended with fresh ingredients to nourish the skin. Rich in natural enzymes which soften the skin, this is excellent for dry pigmented skin and helps improve elasticity. A gentle Facial Massage is incorporated to create a truly unique experience.

Clove Cleansing

A facial specifically designed for skin suffering from the effects of excess oil, acne and rash. Germicidal and soothing Clove has powerful antiseptic qualities which heals the skin, reduces acne and balances oil flow.

Thermal Face Lift

A powerful Firming Treatment that tightens loose skin and promotes cell respiration and renewal. Heat is produced using a Thermo-Herbal mask at an ideal temperature which enhances absorption, sculpting facial contours, reducing wrinkles and improving muscle tone and elasticity. Skin impurities are drawn out leaving the pores deeply cleansed, stimulating circulation and improves cellular function.

Skin Rejuvenator

This treatment is beneficial for skin that suffers from pigmentation, scarring or dullness. The application of specially selected Ayurvedic herbs made into a fresh mask gently peels away old skin and plump up the new freshly revealed skin. Massage of hands and feet focusing on vital energy points called marmas helps to release stress. Your skin will emerge feeling very soft, smooth and nourished

Pure Silver Treatment

Pure Silver has cooling properties and is used for treating skin that is prone to redness, inflammation or sensitive to heat. A gentle facial massage and rejuvenation treatment soothes your skin. Your skin will emerge hydrated and calmed.

24 Carat Gold Treatment

Pure Gold is used for uplifting the spirits, has waming qualities which increases circulation and gives off heat. Gold is used to rejuvenate the skin giving back its lustre and glow. It is also ideal for dry and mature skin. Facial Massage is incorporated to enhance the circulatory properties of the 24 Carat Gold. This treatment is wonderful for tired stressed skin giving it a radiant glow.

Mukha Lepam

This facial is designed according to specific dosha and skin requirements based on individual constitutional analysis. A hair and scalp treatment and relaxing hand and foot massage using customised oils and lotions is included in this sensory journey of rebalancing your energy. Take time out to experience a facial treatment using two cusomised face masks designed especially for you.

OmVeda Pearl Indulgence

A totally indulgent and relaxing treatment that will leave your skin feeling soft, minimising fine lines, and reducing pigmentation. Pearl has been used for centuries for its rejuvenating properties, increasing elasticity and giving the skin a youthful glow. The indulgent Pearl Treatment starts with a deep cleanse using a traditional udwartan mixed with fresh organic milk and honey or yoghurt. This is followed by exfoliation preparing the skin for the application of pearl formulations enriched with precious ayurvedic herbs. The OmVeda Pearl Cream is generously applied with a luxurious facial massage based on traditional Ayurvedic techniques, followed by the OmVeda Pearl Mask. The treatment is accompanied by a relaxing hand and feet massage using one of the rich OmVeda body lotions suited to your skin. Recognised for its significant rejuvenating and wrinkle prevention properties, finely ground Pearl Ash (Powder) contains nutritive elements that help strengthen the cell structure, improve moisture retention ability, brighten and lighten skin tone and refine texture. Rich in calcium, valuable minerals and amino acids, Pearl powder, when applied topically, helps to speed up the skin’s metabolism reducing redness, minimising pores and healing blemishes, while reviving dry and lack lustre conditions. Creating absolute luminosity, with an immediate effect in just one treatment, it cools and calms, acts on capillaries, revives tired, dull and dry skin, greatly increases radiance, lightening hyper-pigmented areas, refines skin texture and restores an even tone

Omveda Strawberry Delight

Experience the decadence of fresh strawberries mixed with rich OmVeda strawberry products to give your skin a gentle but effective deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation. Rich with vitamins Packed with health benefits, strawberries are leaping from the organic fruit shelf and into OmVeda’s latest Strawberry skincare collection. A member of the rose family which has powerful restorative properties, Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C, potassium, sodium and iron and a good source of salicylic acid which helps to eliminate dead surface cells, soften the skin and clean the pores. Lending a touch of sweetness to your favourite moisturiser, the new Strawberry Cream from OmVeda is a fruity fantasy that nourishes and revitalises thirsty, dry and tired skins. Warming the skin to gently stimulate blood circulation to the capillaries, it encourages and attracts the skin’s natural underlying moisture and nutrients to the upper layers of the skin for maximum moisturizing action. Rich and buttery, the OmVeda Strawberry Mask keeps the skin supple and moist, while the action of the salicylic acid helps to remove impurities. Returning elasticity and rejuvenating, the OmVeda Strawberry Delight will give your skin a healthier, more radiant complexion. The treatment is accompanied by the deeply relaxing hands and feet treatment using rich OmVeda Ayurvedic lotions.


The newest gem in the OmVeda range lets you tap into Diamonds, geared towards skin in need of repair to decrease the signs of time and uncover a more radiant and healthier skin.
It incorporates a unique and exclusive complex of powerful Diamond Ash (Bhasam) and pure herbs formulated solely on the principle of Ayurveda. Diamond Ash, the major component and key anti ageing ingredient, helps rehydrate, improve elasticity and refine texture. In addition each product contains a nourishing blend of skin enhancing benefits to deliver increased regeneration and cellular oxygenation, while  minimising fine lines and wrinkles.
Diamond Ash has the power to improve cell metabolism, stimulate collagen production providing relief to tired skin and dulling skins, act on pigmentation and improve the overall state of the complexion and guard against inflammation.

Omveda Ayurvedic Body Treatments

OmVeda Ayurvedic Body Blitz

After a brisk body brush a customised blend of Ayurvedic herbal powders and fresh ingredients will be blended and applied to your body in the form of a mask. In addition to exfoliating and beautifying the skin, these masks target individual skin and body needs such as balancing hormones, detoxification, blood purification, hot and cold temperaments amongst others. A marma point hand and foot massage with customised oils is incorporated to stimulate the flow of energy.

OmVeda Devi

Relax with an OmVeda Thermal Face Lift to firm and tone your skin. Included in this treatment is the Pada feet treat where we bath your feet in an aromatic footbath and massage them with warm herbalised oils and scrubs before applying a customised Ayurvedic foot mask to soothe and nourish. A heavenly experience.

OmVeda Ananda

The journey to Ananda (bliss) begins with an Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment where warm herbalised Sesame oil is poured in a steady stream over your forehead and head which is extremely beneficial in treating headaches, hair loss, reducing irritability and stress and improving sleep patterns. The ritual extends to a head and neck massage to complete your journey into a truly blissful state. The journey to Ananda (bliss) ends with a 45 minute Marma point massage using customised Ayurvedic herbal oils for your constitution.

OmVeda Vedic Venture

This total body, mind and soul nurturing commences with a hair and scalp massage with specially blended hair oil followed by a full body Marma Point Massage using herbalised oils specifically selected for your constitution. A herbal steam then helps to infuse the oils into the body, eliminating toxins and soften the muscles. After this a freshly made Ayurvedic mask is applied to the body to continue the detoxification process and exfoliate your skin. Rest warmly covered while we treat you to a soothing hand or foot massage. We follow this with an appropriate body moisturiser for your skin. This is the ultimate destress treatment to rejuvenate, detox and give the skin a youthful glow.

OmVeda Samsara Prana

Focusing on the vital points and energy flow in the body this treatment helps when your Prana (vital life force energy) needs to be rebalanced. After the Annointing of the Feet a full body Marma point massage with herbalised Ayurvedic oils will help to release blocked energy and restore vitality. Now rest comfortably wrapped while a stream of warmed seseme oil is poured slowly over your forehead stimulating your (third eye) chakra, calming the nerves and taking you to a deep state of relaxation. After a relaxing scalp massage sit back and relax with some refreshments while we treat you to a to a Pada Hasta Ayurvedic hand and foot treatment. You will feel balaced and calm after this nurturing and grounding therapy.

OmVeda Shiro Lepam: Hair and Scalp Treatment

Indians are renownd for their thick and lustrous hair as a result of a daily application of oil and massage. Let us re-create this daily ritual by enveloping your hair and scalp in warm Herbalised Oils. An Ayurvedic Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage follows to stimulate the circulation, promote hair growth and eliminate scalp dryness.

OmVeda Pada Hasta: Hands and Feet

Two of the most sensory areas of the body yet often neglected, the hands and feet carry us forward in our journey enabling us to feel our way through life’s wonders and lessons. This combined treatment pampers your hands and feet with herbal compresses, warm aromatic bath and massage. We use Herbal Scrubs and a replaceable footfile for hygenic skin exfoliation. An individualised Ayurvedic Mask is applied to soften your hands and feet. Nails are shaped and skin emerges velvety and moisturised.